Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I love healthy hair. I have always dreamt of having long, shiny, thick beautiful hair. I have been using chemical relaxers on and off for a long time now. I have cut my hair so many times spotting a very low cut to growing it out, wearing wigs,dyeing my hair golden brown, fixing in hair extensions etc.... When it comes to hair, you name it and you will find out that I have done. So I decided this year to go completely natural and this is my own personal decision. I have noticed that relaxers make my hair frail looking, so I have decided to go the natural route. Posted below is a picture of me during just one out of some many times I have had a low cut... So I am now in the transitional phase from relaxed to natural. My hair just looks and feels a lot more healthier in its natural state.I will post some pictures of my transitional hair journey from time to time. I really don't what to do the "big chop" right now. I will wait till my hair has gotten to a suitable length that I like before chopping the relaxed ends off. I want to say big thank you to all natural haired black women on YouTube who have made very helpful video tutorials. They have been very inspiring. It has really encouraged me and given me the confidence to really go natural. I love you all! Keep checking my "relaxed to natural hair chronicles" to get updates. Of course while I am transitioning, my hair styles will still be glam, chic and varied. To see the various hair style that I wear, be sure to check out my "hairstyle diary". I will blog you soon! Thanks.

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