Monday, March 25, 2013


Those lovely, jaw dropping gowns seen on celebrities on the red carpet are nothing short of drop dead gorgeous! Here are some tips on getting the right gown that would make you glide like a princess that you are...don't forget the royal hand wave! a.Fit is key: ensure you choose a gown that fits very well on your figure, if not you would look very sloppy. If your gown choice doesn't fit you well, then take to the tailors to have it altered. I alter my clothes all the time, one of pet peeves are clothes that don't fit. Fit is very, very important. b.Figure appropriate: Is the gown appropriate for your figure, does it flatter your body shape or is it hitting you at all the wrong angles? Choose a gown that flatters your unique shape. Want to know how to dress according to your shape? I will be detailing that soon on this watch for that! c.Colour: The colour(s) of the gown should complement your skin tone. I love almost all colors of the rainbow, especially jewel rich tones but seize border the opportunity of being in the spotlight when you can and wear a color that just flatters your skin tone.Do you feel like making a bold statement? Then go for red! You will definitely grab the spotlight.

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